Frequently Asked Questions about Transitions

How is Transitions different from Hospice Care?

Transitions requires a prognosis of 1 year or less, Hospice care requires a prognosis of 6 months or less. Transitions provides referrals to existing community resources.

Who is eligible for Transitions?

Anyone living in western Nevada County, diagnosed with a life limiting illness and having a prognosis of one year or less.

How does Transitions work?

The program utilizes case management and volunteer services to provide information and support for clients and families.

How does Transitions determine what services are beneficial to the client?

The Transition’s Program coordinator meets with clients and their families to determine what their needs are; researches available resources and puts the client and family in contact with appropriate existing community programs. The coordinator continues to follow up with the families to see that the resources are beneficial and to evaluate for any new needs.

What are the benefits of the Transitions Program?

  • Case management services that follow, monitor, evaluate and report client changes to the physicians and clinics
  • Respite breaks for caregivers with volunteer support
  • Specially trained volunteers to provide friendly visitors to clients
  • No charge to clients and families
  • Transportation (when available)

Who would benefit from being in the Transitions Program?

  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and have a life expectancy of approximately 1 year, including those who choose to pursue or are currently undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation
  • Individuals experiencing a progressive medical condition with repeated hospitalizations, a decrease in functional skills and have a life expectancy of 1 year
  • Individuals that have become less able to care for themselves independently and would benefit from assistance with meals or other appropriate community services to meet their medical needs

Is there a charge for the Transitions Program?

No. Transitions is available at no cost to the client.

How do I contact Transitions?

Please call our Transitions Coordinator at 530-272-5011.

Would you or someone you know benefit from Transitions?


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