Grief Support Programs

“Grief is not forgetting. It is learning to cope while we remember.”

Grief can be a difficult experience. In service to the community, Hospice of the Foothills offers grief support programs and services guided by certified professional staff and volunteers. Hospice of the Foothills pledges to provide comfort, support and education to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one in our community.

Hospice of the Foothills provides:

  • Grief Support Services for 13 months following the death of a Hospice of the Foothills patient.
  • Education based, ongoing Bereavement Support Groups which are open to grieving members of our hospice families and community members. These community groups are facilitated by Hospice of the Foothills staff and trained volunteers.
  • Individual and family counseling is available on a limited basis.

All of our services are confidential and offered at no cost. Your loved one may or may not have used hospice services.

We are available to make a presentation about grief to your organization, workplace or church. Bereavement services are available to the community, regardless of the type of death, as program resources allow.

Support your community by becoming a professionally trained Hospice of the Foothills Bereavement Volunteer. Opportunities include group facilitation, individual support, and community outreach.

To learn more about Hospice of the Foothills Grief Support programs and bereavement volunteer opportunities, call us at 530.272.5739.

Coping & Support Resources

Support groups

View our Grief Support Group calendar to find the time and meeting location of our Grief Support Groups.

View Calendar of Events

Friends of Hospice

Friends of Hospice hosts annual community events and programs as a way to remember your loved one. The Annual Celebration of Lives, Butterfly Garden, and Pave the Way are time honored traditions that provide you and your family with unique opportunities to reflect and share memories together of loved ones.   

Suggested Reading

Cynthia Meilicke, MS, CT, Allied Services Supervisor for Hospice of the Foothills, personally recommends the following books, which provide information and insight on a wide variety of topics related to death, dying, grief and loss. Many of these books are available through our lending library, our community libraries, and can be purchased at local bookstores.  View our Suggest Reading List.

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