Grief Support


Understanding Grief

Are you wondering…

  • Will this sadness never end?
  • When will my life get back to normal?
  • How can I help my family get through this?
  • How can I help myself?

You are not alone.

Hospice of the Foothills Grief Support Team provides comfort, support and education to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

“It is comforting to realize that what I am feeling during my grieving process is normal. The Bereavement Support Group allows me to talk openly about how I am feeling and to learn that other people have had the same or similar feelings.” – Sister of a Cancer Patient, Auburn, CA

What is grief?

One of life’s most significant challenges is experiencing the death of a loved one. Grief is the word we use to describe the internal thoughts and feelings that commonly occur in response to loss. It is a core human experience that has existed throughout history and is observed in every culture. Despite this universality, grief often is poorly understood in our modern society.

Grieving involves a complex web of interconnected biological, psychological, spiritual and social processes. So how you grieve is influenced by many factors. Personality and coping style, the nature of relationship with the deceased and other factors such as a lack of social support and financial hardship can prolong the journey through grieving. No two people grieve in the same way and there is no “right” way to grieve or any timeline to follow. Healing from grief involves having adequate support and time, as well as learning healthy coping skills.

Help is available to you or someone you know who is grieving right now.

Learn more about Hospice of the Foothills Grief Support Programs.

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