Still Here and Going Strong

February 11, 2016

Hospice of the Foothills’ Board of Directors and executive leadership are committed to making sure our community has the highest quality end-of-life care now, and for many years to come. While we made the difficult decision to close our Compassionate Care Home, the 12-bed in-patient facility, our core business and mission is unchanged; caring for patients in their homes, or wherever they call home.

Since 1978, we’ve touched the lives of thousands of people.  A poignant way to convey the difference Hospice of the Foothills can make for patients and families is to share the following letter Executive Director Carolynn Peterson received from a family served by Hospice of the Foothills:

“As you may know, my mother and step-father were patients of Hospice of the Foothills recently.  I wanted to share a few thoughts with you regarding their care and express our considerable thanks to your staff.

Hospice was a word my mother and step-father originally feared. I believe they associated it with giving up, with death.  However, over the just twenty days of care for my stepfather and the five months of care for my mother, they both eventually understood that ‘hospice’ actually stands for compassion, for dignity, for comfort, and for a higher quality of life during one’s final journey.  From our initial meeting to the last moments with Mom five months later, the staff was there for them.

My stepfather was not a religious man. But in those final hours, as he held our hands, I believe he knew he was surrounded by earthly angels – the nurses and volunteers of Hospice of the Foothills.  Because of them he was able to let go of his fear and embark upon his final voyage peacefully and unafraid.  And, because of that, Mom was able to accompany him along that path within a place of warmth, comfort, and unwavering support.  As his final night fell and the soft lighting from the lamps chased the shadows from the corners, he traveled peacefully forward to places unknown without pain or fear.

Now, Mom did believe in a merciful God. She never professed to understand her lot in life, but accepted it with few questions and a love of life.  With the support of Hospice of the Foothills she maintained that toughness, that love, and that acceptance.  Your staff helped her to be herself to the end.  I was fortunate to spend the last few nights by her side, able to hold her hands, speak of our life together, smile and cry, knowing that she was in no pain – much of this I consider a gift from Hospice.

We are so grateful to have been blessed by all of the people who are Hospice of the Foothills. We can never adequately thank them for their skills, compassion, love, and tears they shared with us and our mom and dad”.

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