10 Myths

Ten Myths About Hospice and Comfort Care

Last year, 1.4 million Americans were served by the nation’s hospice providers, reports the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Yet there are many myths about hospice that keep people from getting this compassionate care when they need it most.



Hospice is where you go when there is nothing more a doctor can do. Hospice of the Foothills is a philosophy of care providing medical, emotional, and spiritual care focusing on comfort and quality of life.
Good care at the end of life is very expensive. Hospice of the Foothills accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal and private insurance and no one is ever denied hospice care at Hospice of the Foothills due to inability to pay.
Hospice is only for the last few days of life. Hospice of the Foothills patients and families can receive care for six months or longer, depending upon the course of the illness.
Choosing hospice means giving up all medical treatment. Hospice of the Foothills places the patient and family at the center of the care-planning process and provides high-quality pain management and symptom control.
Everyone dies in a hospital. Hospice of the Foothills goes to the patient and family at home, whether that’s a private home, a nursing home, or assisted living facility, or a hospice residence.
Hospice is for cancer patients only. More than fifty percent of hospice patients are diagnosed with conditions other than cancer.
Families are not able to care for people with terminal illnesses. Hospice of the Foothills involves families and offers them professional support and training to care with confidence for their loved ones.
Hospice is just for the elderly. Hospice of the Foothills serves anyone facing a life-limiting illness, regardless of age.
There’s no hospice in my area. 99% of Medicare beneficiaries live in an area where hospice care is available.
Hospice only focuses on the dying process. Hospice of the Foothills care focuses on supporting the best possible quality of life until the end of life.


If this information about hospice surprises you, take the time to find out more. The best time to learn about hospice is before someone in your family is facing a health care crisis.

For more information, contact Hospice of the Foothills at 530.272.5739, or contact the Caring Connections Help Line at 800.658.8898 (the Multilingual Line at 877.658.8896) or visit www.caringinfo.org.

This information is provided by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Hospice of the Foothills.

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